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+A Bulk Domain Checker v2.0


+A Bulk Domain Checker can check thousands of domains for expiration date, registration date, availability and status. It currently has support for handling over 900 TLD's and ccTLD's. You can import or extract domains from files, generate domains based on keywords, search the web for domains or generate misspelled domain names. It's a great tool for quickly bulk checking domain age or expiration.

100% Malware free - Windows (32/64-bit)
Instant registration code - Free updates

Top level and Country top level domain support

+A Bulk Domain Checker supports over 900+ top level domains of all kinds. We keep a huge database of WHOIS server information for each domain, which is often updated with new information to keep it current and valid.

Domain age checker & domain expiration checker

In version 2.0 we introduced the ability to extract the domain age from the results returned. This allows you to know exactly how old each domain in your list is (registration date), as well as the date on which it expires (expiration date) and becomes available for registration. You can easily see the difference in days and select which domains are interesting to you.


Powerful and accurate

You can use up to five hundred simultaneous connections to work through your list at an amazing rate. Even under such circumstances +A Bulk Domain Checker will still remain accurate, it will retry failed connections and timeouts. It will ever only deliver quality results that you can rely on.

Search the web for domains

+A Bulk Domain Checker can automate the task of finding domain names for you. Using the "Search the web for domains" function the program will query Google using your keywords and parse the top level domains from the results and check them for expiration.


Misspelled domain generator

Add an existing domain and simply click on "Generate". For example, the domain "" will generate 39 other possible misspellings of that name. This is an effective way to leech traffic from an allready established source.

Keyword generator

+A Bulk Domain Checker also contains a keyword generator which will create a list of domain names for you with any extensions that you chose. Simply add some words and it will create as many variations as possible using those words.


Check out some screenshots!

+A Bulk Domain Checker - Many ways of finding domains
Many ways of finding domains.
+A Bulk Domain Checker - Detailed view of the results
Detailed view of the results.
+A Bulk Domain Checker - Show domain owner/registrant
Show domain owner/registrant.
More screenshots of +A Bulk Domain Checker
Fast bulk domain checker, expiration and age!

Free Shareware limitations

The free Shareware version will allow you to check a maximum of 50 domains per session, buy the full version to permanently remove this limitation and to get free support and updates for the program

+A Bulk Domain Checker features


Order the full version and get the following benefits

Check an UNLIMITED amount of domains
Free unlimited help and support
Free support
Lifetime license
100% Malware free - Windows (32/64-bit)
Instant registration code - Free updates
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