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+A Duplicate File Finder v2.40


+A Duplicate File Finder is a very efficient and modern Windows program for quick and easy identification and removal of duplicate files. You can search any folders or drives of your choice.

100% Malware free - Windows (32/64-bit)
Instant registration code - Free updates

Scan multiple paths with different filters

The unique features of this duplicate file finder allows you to scan multiple locations with different filters at the same time. The filters include file attributes, folders or drives, file size (minimum/maximum), filetypes (music, compressed, video, picture, custom) and much more. Windows system files and paths are automatically ignored by the program, you can of course change this if you would need to for some reason.

Process only the duplicate files you select!

You will get a list of which files to keep and which ones to process after the duplicate files have been found. You can easily exclude or include files here to make sure that you only mess with the files that you want to delete or move, such control as this is what sets +A Duplicate File Finder apart from other simular software program.


Recycle, move or delete the duplicate files

In many duplicate file finder programs you can only delete the duplicate files. In our program you can send them to the recycle in, move them or delete the files.

Always perfectly accurate and lightning fast

+A Duplicate File Finder doesn't mess around when it comes to determening which files are duplicate and not. You can always chose to compare the files with one hundred percent accuracy, a level of accuracy enough for absolutely anyone in any situation or in any company, big or small.


Check out some screenshots!

+A Duplicate File Finder - Comparing files
Comparing the files.
+A Duplicate File Finder - List of duplicate files found
List of duplicate files found.
+A Duplicate File Finder - File and folder options
File and folder options.
More screenshots of +A Duplicate File Finder
Fast and easy duplicate file finder

Free Shareware limitations

The free Shareware version will process a maximum of 10 of the duplicate files found, buy the full version to permanently remove this limitation and to get free support and updates for the program

+A Duplicate File Finder features


Order the full version and get the following benefits

Process an unlimited amount of files
Free unlimited help and support
Free support
Lifetime license
100% Malware free - Windows (32/64-bit)
Instant registration code - Free updates
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