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+A Easy Movie Database Freeware v1.0


+A Easy Movie Database allows you to manage your own movie database where you can set categories, ratings and reviews for series, movies and documentaries and much more.

100% Malware free - Windows (32/64-bit)

Add movies and series

With +A Easy Movie Database you can create a big or small database of your favorite movies and/or series. For each title that you add you will be able to include categories (34 available), comments, reviews, directors, actors, year of release, running time and a 0-10 star rating. You can add thousands of movies without any problems.

Search database

+A Easy Movie Database allows you to quickly search through the currently selected database to find the movie(s) you are looking for. You will be able to search for all of the criterias that you selected when you add a movie.


Export to HTML-list

With the click of a button you can create an HTML-file with all the of titles in the database that you can share with your friends or colleagues. It's just as easy as it sounds.

Multiple databases

You don't need to limit yourself to one database where you stuff all the titles you can think of into. Simply go to the database loader from the file menu and create a new database. Then you can for example easily separate all the movies from series. Or keep all drama movies in one database, and the action ones in the other.


Easy to use

+A Easy Movie Database is exactly that. It's been designed to not create an unncessary confusion and to prevent easy mistakes from happening. For example, you can't delete any database by accident and you won't find the program clogged by strange functions and buttons.


Check out some screenshots!

+A Easy Movie Database - List of all your favorite movies
List of all your favorite movies.
+A Easy Movie Database - Add any series or movies of your choice
Add any series or movies of your choice.
More screenshots of +A Easy Movie Database
Manage your own movie database


This program has no limitations or disabled features. It's 100% Freeware!

+A Easy Movie Database features

100% Malware free - Windows (32/64-bit)
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