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+A Proxy Finder Freeware v1.13


+A Proxy finder finds large or small amounts of proxys and scores each one based on anonymity level. It can find and evaluate HTTP, HTTPS and SOCKS v4/5 proxys. The advanced settings available for saving and automatic scheduling makes it a unique program. And it's 100% Freeware.

100% Malware free - Windows (32/64-bit)

Quickly find hundreds of HTTP proxys

+A Proxy Finder uses multiple sources for downloading lists of proxys and then checks them all and returns what kind of proxy it is and an anonymity rating for each proxy. All you need to after installing the program is to click on "Start" and +A Proxy Finder will do the rest for you. It has all the features that you could ever need and more, this is the ultimate proxy finder available.

Find HTTP, HTTPS and SOCKS proxys

By default it will check the entire list of proxys for HTTP, HTTPS and SOCKS v4/5 support. You can change this to suit your needs. It can even use up to 500 simultaneous connections for verifying the proxys. That gives it a speed that goes well beyond what is normal for similar programs.


Get an anonymity rating for all proxys

When a proxy is found it's clearly displayed in the list and it's given an anonymity rating based on how hidden you will be when connecting through it. A score of 0 or less means that it will spill your IP when connecting through it, but a score of 40 or more means that it will NOT spill your IP and that you will remain anonymous.

Automatic scheduling

+A Proxy Finder can be set to perform scheduled tasks such as performing a "Start" inside the program on a given interval and when it starts. You can also set it to auto-start with Windows, meaning that you can have it run every X minutes and automatically save the results to a given file (or files) 100% without your interaction.


Check out some screenshots!

+A Proxy Finder - Sort proxys by anonymity score
Sort proxys by anonymity score.
+A Proxy Finder - Advanced saving options
Advanced saving options.
+A Proxy Finder - Automatic scheduling
Automatic scheduling.
More screenshots of +A Proxy Finder
Quickly find hundreds of working HTTP proxys


This program has no limitations or disabled features. It's 100% Freeware!

+A Proxy Finder features

100% Malware free - Windows (32/64-bit)
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