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+A Rank Checker v4.40


+A Rank Checker is a link popularity, website rank checker and social media tracker. It finds how many links any number of websites have coming in (backlinks), and the Alexa rank, Domain Authority, DMOZ listing and Google +1 votes.

100% Malware free - Windows (32/64-bit)
Instant registration code - Free updates

Top notch results

+A Rank Checker allow you to load large lists of websites and check them for incoming links and website rank. It doesn't use any small unknown services, only the large reliable ones. Among the names are Google, Bing (MSN) and Alexa. This is a rather unique solution that is used by both professionals and novices. The results are spot on and it's one of those few programs that can be trusted to get it right the very first time.

Powerful and safe!

The program uses several different search engines and services to check the websites for rank and incoming links. Sometimes if you make too many queries in a too short interval of time they will block you from making any further queries. With our "Safesearch" features you will never need to worry about that. It will limit the number of queries to make sure that you can check thousands of websites if you would want to.


Track the changes

One of the best things about +A Rank Checker is that you can track the popularity of the websites over time. I'll give you an example. Lets say create a project called "my websites". You then add nine websites and check them for Domain Authority and Alexa Traffic Rank, you observe the results and then close the program. A few days, a week or even a month later you come back and you open your project "my websites" and run the program again. After +A Rank Checker is finished checking them you click on the "Compare / View results" button and you can now see how the ranking have changed since your previous run. You can even export a report if you wish to.


Check out some screenshots!

+A Rank Checker - URL rank checker
Compare and view results.
+A Rank Checker - Check large lists for rank
Detailed view of the results.
+A Rank Checker - Manage projects
Effective project management.
More screenshots of +A Rank Checker
Website and URL ranker tool

Free Shareware limitations

The free Shareware version will allow you to manage a maximum of 2 projects and 5 URL's per project, buy the full version to permanently remove this limitation and to get free support and updates for the program

+A Rank Checker features


Order the full version and get the following benefits

Add an UNLIMITED amount of websites and projects
Free unlimited help and support
Free support
Lifetime license
100% Malware free - Windows (32/64-bit)
Instant registration code - Free updates
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